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‘Surfin’ Gaza’ is a string of tales from the people who lived them. People who have served in Gaza with the United Nations as volunteers, professionals, peacekeepers or unarmed military observers.

The storytellers are anonymous, but tell their stories in a first person perspective to give their accounts without considerations towards objectivity or political correctness. Their stories are told as they remember them. Their stories are not edited to propagate any particular bias.

Their accounts follow an overall progressive timeline, but their stories are not intended to build a continuous plot. The different storytellers give their personal accounts of events, encounters, and memories that together seek to shape a collective recollection of the conflict in Gaza, and the impact their experiences have had on the people involved.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has had great implications for the people in Gaza since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. Gaza has seen the influx of Palestinian refugees since that time and were boosted during later conflicts.

However, the legacy of Gaza is a part of the history of the Holy Land and a narrative that stretches across thousands of years. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is merely the latest chapter in this storyline that extends across the millennia.

Nevertheless conflicts always invoke suffering on both sides. The current conflict still causes tremendous suffering. It is the aspiration of ‘Surfin’ Gaza’ to shed light on this suffering and play a part in making people stop and think.

‘Surfin’ Gaza’ is a living documentary. Stories will be added as they are written. If you have a tale from Gaza I will be very happy to include your personal account.

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